Surgery Guidelines for RSD patients

Surgery Guidelines for RSD patients
October 24, 2012 at 1:07pm

Surgery Guidelines for RSD patient
Dr. Philip Getson Recomendations (There are other top docs in the RSD field that have similar guidelines, I just happen to like Dr. Getson and trust him 100%)
The anesthesia technique will vary with the surgery
These are general guidelines and the patient’s doctor should make their own decisions
Here is what I will be doing:
Pre – operative: Minocycline 1 day before and continue for 2 weeks after (I am on an antibiotic now for the bladder infection)
Intra-operative: MUST use iv Ketamine as part of anesthesia
Post – operative: Continue low dose IV Ketamine in the recovery room for a few hours – and continue Minocycline for the two weeks after

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