Barby Update Oct. 2012

Going through some acute issues right now. Saw surgeon on Thurs. they have an anesthesiologist that will do the Ketamine Protocol, but he wanted me to do one more test before we do the surgery, as he said “with RSD less trauma is more”, which I like, he seems to be very nice and understand RSD pretty well. He also didn’t trust the hospital doctor from last weekend. So was going to get the test done yesterday morning, and it turns out it is a nuclear test and they company that does it is not OK with putting the nuclear substance through my port, and I am not OK with an IV (I have a port for a reason), so we decided to cancel the test. Going to decide w/ surgeon on Monday what to do next. Then I saw the Urologist yesterday. He did some testing and said that the infection is gone  yeah!!! but I don’t have one kidney stone, I have two, both 5mm. They are both attached to different ducts in my kidney and as long as they are connected to the meat (as the doctor put it) and don’t get any bigger we are not going to do anything to them. However if they drop into the tube then he will remove them, or if they grow in the duct any bigger he will also have to remove them. Right now they are not totally blocking the duct from working, only partially blocking so he can leave them for now and wants me to come back in 4 months, unless they drop before then, obviously. Tried to eat last night (I am hungry), had rice, green peppers, white bread and small amount of chicken… boy was that a mistake, I am not sure what did it, but my gallbladder was not liking me! not gonna try that again. I just want this to all be done and be better and be able to eat what I want again. So that’s the current update!

As far as my RSD it is still doing well since my last infusions in late Sept. 2012

Blessings to all, Barby

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