Considering the most recent celebrity to share that she lives with chronic pain – Lady Gaga, and how people jumped to conclusions as to what she is living with, I decided to point out here that to date, she has not said what her diagnosis(s) is besides chronic pain, if there is one that is more specific. She did say on an Instagram post dated May 31, 2015, “I still deal with bone inflammation from … Read the rest


Why is it important to keep your own copies of your medical records, Part 1

Requesting Healthcare Records
By Barby Ingle
(excerpt from The Pain Code Book)

One thing I have learned over the years is how important it is to keep a copy of all of your medical records. My insurance companies have tried to force me into “step therapy” and without my medical records it would have been very difficult and long process to get through. I save my providers time as well, when I can fill out … Read the rest


Game Plan; Empowerment Plus

“You have a better game plan than the {others} – and that is the name of the game – to constantly dream of better ways and a better future for those we care about and for our society. We all need to work towards better models of care and better care. I call your game plan “Empowerment Plus”, for it focuses in on empowering the person in pain. The {others} is old wine in new … Read the rest


Life with an Invisible Illness/Disability

What do you say to others when you live with an invisible illness/disability – Chronic Pain

Barby Ingle- Excerpt from RSD in Me©

You can never take back information once it is shared but you can always wait to let people know later. If you choose to disclose that you have chronic pain, decide when and how to do so. If there is time to prepare ahead of time, it is a good idea. … Read the rest



I wrote this in 2004 after undergoing multiple life threatening surgeries/complications, searching for a diagnosis and proper healthcare after being struck down with what I now know is reflex sympathetic dystrophy. My first marriage collapsed, I was losing everything materialistic. I was on food stamps, and I was lost physically, mentally and spiritually. I sent this to my family members after my inner voice reminded me of why I am here and that my purpose Read the rest


Oral Orthotic – Life Changing Non-Invasisve Treatment Option

I am getting a high number of people asking about my OO and if it really helps (and how well). So I decided to give more details here.

FOR ME: Before OO, I got K for 2 days approximately every 2-3 months. (that was the longest I was able to go without an infusion before December 7, 2012 when I got my OO. In 2013, I got 3 boosters. In 2014, I got 2 boosters. … Read the rest


Inspired to take action by speaking out about pain and seeking out the help we need

How have you been able to get people to realize they should share their story
by Barby Ingle

When I first began to deal with the symptoms of reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) 11 years ago, it was life changing. It took nearly 3 years just to get a proper diagnosis. I felt alone, isolated, and I didn’t have the knowledge to get through the system on my own. Through all of my surgeries and complications … Read the rest


What can a patient do to stay on track with my medications

As a patient with a chronic care disease I have found some common reason I don’t to take my medications and things that have helped me stay on track that I am going to share in hopes of helping other patients. When a provider ordered a new pill I didn’t ask questions, I just took it. After having complications with multiple medications I had to change my approach. I began to speak with my pharmacist … Read the rest


In Honor of Love

In Honor of Love By Barby Ingle, Author of Real Love and Good Sex for Pain Patients and their Partners – February is the month of Love but for a pain patient and their significant other intimacy may suffer on a regular basis. We know intimacy is an important aspect in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Often times, chronic pain patients forget that sexuality is an important part in a partnered relationship when their pain … Read the rest


Our Future

To make informed and wise decisions about your treatment plan, doctors, hospitals and taking your life back from the pain in you, become educated. This book series is one step in the education process. Places to look for additional Information that is up-to-date with RSD issues are:


  • Clinical trials and Studies
  • Disease organizations
  • Internet health sites
  • Support groups for RSD or Chronic Pain


The important part for you is sorting through all of … Read the rest