Am I strong enough to go on this trip?

Ever wonder, am I strong enough to make it on a trip out of town?  In traveling nowadays, there are overcrowded terminals, flight delays, and security with which we have to contend. There are ways to make traveling easier and less stressful for chronic pain patients. My first suggestion is to pack your medications in a carry-on bag. If your luggage gets lost, you won’t have to worry about where or how to get your … Read the rest


New Study for People with Severe to Very Severe COPD

This research study is testing whether a new investigational drug that targets eosinophils (a type of white blood cell) could help patients withCOPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) control symptoms and reduce exacerbations (flare-ups) that lead to hospitalizations. The new investigational drug will be compared to oral and inhaled corticosteroids, the current standard of care for COPD.

More about the study:

  • The study drug (Benralizumab) is administered by Subcutaneous (under the skin) injection (SC).
  • There
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cure click prostate cancer

There is a new clinical trial seeking participants who have Prostate Cancer. Prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer globally. A significant proportion of patients who are treated have their prostate cancer come back or spread. The purpose of this clinical trial is to assess if the study medicine helps prevent or slows your cancer from spreading to other parts of your body.

Here is some basic information: 

Participants must:

  • be male
  • at least 18 years old
  • have been diagnosed with prostate cancer

Participants must not:

  • have prostate cancer that has spread to the bone
  • be currently participating in any other clinical trial

The full study details and eligibility criteria are listed here.

Please complete the online questionnaire to check if you’re eligible for the trial.

If you’re not familiar with clinical trials, here are some FAQs:

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are research studies to determine whether investigational drugs or treatments are safe and effective for humans. All new investigational medications and devices must undergo several clinical trials, often involving thousands of people.

Why participate in a clinical trial?

You will have access to new investigational treatments that would be available to the general public only upon approval. You will also receive study-related medical care and attention from clinical trial staff at research facilities. Clinical trials offer hope for many people and an opportunity to help researchers find better treatments for others in the future.

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CureClick Ambassador’s Best Share Practices for Social Media

BI-Logo-copyCureClick Ambassador’s Best Share Practices for Social Media
By Barby Ingle, Advisory Board Member, CureClick
President, Power of Pain Foundation
March 21, 2015

I have been using social media and blogging since 2009 and realized that there are some posts that go viral or are liked, shared, followed, etc… more than others. When I became a CureClick Ambassador I wanted to be sure to have mindful posts and be able to share on all of … Read the rest




If you have Mild or Moderate Asthma and you’re looking for new treatment options, this clinical trial may be right for you.

This study is for patients who have mild or moderate asthma and are using a reliever inhaler. If approved, it is hoped that the study drug will improve your lung function and overall symptoms of asthma.

More about the study:

  • The study drug (Lebrikizumab ) is
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Barby’s Bucket List

In no particular order, my bucket list. It is a work in progress… last update 1/1/2016

  1. Attend a class at Billy Blanks studio in Sherman Oaks, CA. While he is teaching and try to participate.
  2. Dance 6-eight counts with Paula Abdul choreographed by both of us together
  3. Get my own car
  4. Get one my favorite groups (schroeder) to play at a celebration of mine or iPain
  5. Get iPain on the TV show like Apprentice as
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Life with an Invisible Illness/Disability

What do you say to others when you live with an invisible illness/disability – Chronic Pain

Barby Ingle- Excerpt from RSD in Me©

You can never take back information once it is shared but you can always wait to let people know later. If you choose to disclose that you have chronic pain, decide when and how to do so. If there is time to prepare ahead of time, it is a good idea. … Read the rest



Hi everyone! There is a clinical trial going on right now that assesses the safety and effectiveness of the investigational drug when administered in severe asthma patients whose symptoms are otherwise uncontrolled with current standard therapy. Despite standard treatment, up to 50% of asthma patients have symptoms that are not well controlled, with a negative impact on quality of life.




Barby Ingle, President
Power of Pain Foundation
Author * Advocate * Motivational Speaker

Movie Info:

What is CAKE? CAKE is something that you can’t do because you are in pain but wanted to accomplish. When I started to watch this movie, I came in with biases of people in the pain community saying how it was all about addiction and not much on chronic pain. Those … Read the rest