Reality Rally 2017

We are so ready for this years Reality Rally! Ken and Barby are back again.

We will be once again, joining the fight against cancer and helping to provide support those fighting that battle breast cancer. We want to help ease the journey of many who have heard those dreaded words “you have cancer.” I recently underwent some DNA testing that showed that I am susceptible to developing breast cancer. It has never hit home with us as it has this year. We have worked with so many patients over the years that live with breast cancer past, have gone through treatments and now have chronic nerve pain. Ken and I are bringing awareness to the lip sync showcase with the song HOPE IS TRUE by iPain. As well, iPain has signed up as a funding partner for the event.

We joined this cause because wanted a way to give back to the pain community with an event that would highlight our 2 passions Reality TV and getting support and access to care for patients who need it. The funds we help raise as reality personality goes to help with not only money but promotion of Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. Reality Rally is in tribute to 3 wonderful people who succumbed far too young, to the dreaded disease of Cancer. They are the inspiration and energy force behind this event. They were fun adventurous positive people who made a difference to people around them and always “paid it forward” or as I say “pain it forward”, in any way they could. Now they cannot do it for themselves and others, we can and I invite you to do the same.

For more information on Reality Rally

For more information on Michelle’s Place

To donate to Ken And Barby’s fundraiser for Reality Rally

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  1. Thank you for writing about the Reality Rally. We are glad that you and Ken can attend this year again. Thank you for working with Michelle’s Place again. We appreciate all you have done to help raise awareness for breast cancer. Hopefully we can see your lip sync to “Hope Is True” by iPain. Thank you for “pain it forward”.

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