My XpertDox Experience

As a chronic pain patient with multiple autoimmune diseases for over 20 years now, I am constantly looking for new treatments, options, resources, clinical trials and providers who understand best what I am facing. I recently discovered a new resource that I want to share with my family, friends, providers, and other patient influencers. I have been attending and presenting at pain conferences since 2007 and know the top doctors treating Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), … Read the rest


CLINICAL TRAILS; The Benefits and Risks

CLINICAL TRAILS; The Benefits and Risks
By Barby Ingle

I have been living with chronic diseases for the past 20 years. During this time, I have participated in several clinical trials. Some were big, some small, some were online only, some were produced by medical professionals. I know that there are some risks and benefits to the trials and know that they are not right for everyone. If you are considering participating in a clinical … Read the rest




  1. Choose happiness.
  2. Create goals and more towards accomplishing them.
  3. Get involved in projects that you can be interested in and successfully complete.
  4. Keep yourself surrounded with happy people.
  5. Look at the bright side of challenges.
  6. Motivate yourself.
  7. Practice meditation and controlling your thoughts.
  8. Smile big and often.
  9. Visualize success.
  10. When anxiety and stresses are high, turn it over to God.
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Why is it important to keep your own copies of your medical records, Part 2

My records have major mistakes
By Barby Ingle
(excerpt from The Pain Code Book)

Your medical record is comprised of all information generated during your treatment with all healthcare providers. The providers keep track of many aspects of your treatment, including personal, financial, social, and medical information. Many providers are using written forms and notes, but over the past few years, there are great electronic medical record keeping programs that are coming to the market. … Read the rest


Why is it important to keep your own copies of your medical records, Part 1

Requesting Healthcare Records
By Barby Ingle
(excerpt from The Pain Code Book)

One thing I have learned over the years is how important it is to keep a copy of all of your medical records. My insurance companies have tried to force me into “step therapy” and without my medical records it would have been very difficult and long process to get through. I save my providers time as well, when I can fill out … Read the rest


Oral Orthotic – Life Changing Non-Invasisve Treatment Option

I am getting a high number of people asking about my OO and if it really helps (and how well). So I decided to give more details here.

FOR ME: Before OO, I got K for 2 days approximately every 2-3 months. (that was the longest I was able to go without an infusion before December 7, 2012 when I got my OO. In 2013, I got 3 boosters. In 2014, I got 2 boosters. … Read the rest


2013 was a good year

This past 12 months have been pretty action packed for me. Starting with an appearance with Ken on The Doctors TV Show on CBS, and many other local and National TV, Magazine, Newspaper, and online features.

Especially Sept-Dec. when I participated in Pain Awareness Month, NERVEmber, RSD Awareness Month, the PAIN Summit, Comic Pain Relief. Now I have a few months where I can stay home, rest, do online projects and work on my two

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How can women become their own best advocate?

Women can be their own best advocate by taking steps to lead your life. Don’t rely on others to make your decisions, do your research, or keep you organized. Start by speaking up and coordinating with the people in your life. Setting the expectation is so important and although best done at the beginning of a challenge, it is possible to be successful doing this later in the process. To become the Chief of Staff … Read the rest


Cheerleader Barby!

I was on top of the world in 2002. I had my dream job, husband, and new home; and in 8 seconds my life changed forever. I was rear-ended by a 15-passenger van. This incident lead to a brachia plexus nerve injury (whiplash) that triggered a neuro-autoimmune condition to begin to attack my body. Within 14 months, I had lost my job, house, marriage, figure (gained 40lbs), and was forced to go onto state assistance … Read the rest