Oral Orthotic – Life Changing Non-Invasisve Treatment Option

I am getting a high number of people asking about my OO and if it really helps (and how well). So I decided to give more details here.

FOR ME: Before OO, I got K for 2 days approximately every 2-3 months. (that was the longest I was able to go without an infusion before December 7, 2012 when I got my OO. In 2013, I got 3 boosters. In … Read the rest


2013 was a good year

This past 12 months have been pretty action packed for me. Starting with an appearance with Ken on The Doctors TV Show on CBS, and many other local and National TV, Magazine, Newspaper, and online features.

Especially Sept-Dec. when I participated in Pain Awareness Month, NERVEmber, RSD Awareness Month, the PAIN Summit, Comic Pain Relief. Now I have a few months where I can stay home, rest, do online projects and work on my two

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