I wrote this in 2004 after undergoing multiple life threatening surgeries/complications, searching for a diagnosis and proper healthcare after being struck down with what I now know is reflex sympathetic dystrophy. My first marriage collapsed, I was losing everything materialistic. I was on food stamps, and I was lost physically, mentally and spiritually. I sent this to my family members after my inner voice reminded me of why I am here and that my purpose Read the rest


Wisdom of Ingle by Barby

I learned a life lesson the hard way… through being a part of one team or another almost my entire life as well as coaching multiple teams and running my own successful businesses.Once again, I speak for me. No one else in the world speaks for me, acts for me, or lives for me and I don’t act, live or speak for anyone else when it comes to their personal business. I don’t say who … Read the rest


Some Prayers I really find comfort in

April 16, 2014

In Time of Pain
O God, give me the strength I need, to bear my pain. Give me patience to endure this time of inactivity. Save me, from every weakness of self-pity and complaint. O God, I thank you for the health of body, for the peace of mind, for the strength of spirit.

Prayer for Healing
Dear God, who has promised never to leave nor forsake us, Grant, that in my … Read the rest


What can a patient do to stay on track with my medications

As a patient with a chronic care disease I have found some common reason I don’t to take my medications and things that have helped me stay on track that I am going to share in hopes of helping other patients. When a provider ordered a new pill I didn’t ask questions, I just took it. After having complications with multiple medications I had to change my approach. I began to speak with my pharmacist … Read the rest


In Honor of Love

In Honor of Love By Barby Ingle, Author of Real Love and Good Sex for Pain Patients and their Partners – February is the month of Love but for a pain patient and their significant other intimacy may suffer on a regular basis. We know intimacy is an important aspect in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Often times, chronic pain patients forget that sexuality is an important part in a partnered relationship when their pain … Read the rest


Our Future

To make informed and wise decisions about your treatment plan, doctors, hospitals and taking your life back from the pain in you, become educated. This book series is one step in the education process. Places to look for additional Information that is up-to-date with RSD issues are:


  • Clinical trials and Studies
  • Disease organizations
  • Internet health sites
  • Support groups for RSD or Chronic Pain


The important part for you is sorting through all of … Read the rest


He Makes Me Bleed

Another RSD sufferer and sister sharing her pain and story!

By Melanie McDowell
June 1974 – July 2006
He makes me bleed with each caress,
my body and mind he does possess.
Not my spouse, my lover or even my friend,
on his brutal presence I’ve come to depend.
I tell him to leave. Just leave me alone!
Yet he stalks me, hurts me, then laughs while I moan.
He is with me on waking … Read the rest


Sometimes I Just Wanna Cry

This just touched my heart so much as it comes from a 14 yr old girl who suffers with RSD, same as I do.

By Adela Partida 

Sometimes I just wanna cry
Sometimes I just want to hide 
Anything to run away from the pain 
To others I’m fine
But only I know 
How I really am

I’m a fighter 
I fight everyday of my life 
Burning for a cure
For some kind of relief Read the rest


A Friend Who Cares!

A friend who cares : Barby Ingle

“When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in

Read the rest

Print Interview of Barby Ingle by Sylvie Ghysels, AFMASA Board Member & Belgian Delagate

Interview with Mrs. Barby Ingle,
Author &, Executive Director of the Power of Pain Foundation,
CRPS/RSD Patient, RSD/CRPS advocate for CRPS sufferers

  1. Barby, how did you develop CRPS? How and when were you diagnosed?

I developed RSD September 26, 2002 after a minor auto accident. I was diagnosed with a brachial plexus nerve injury because of the accident, which spread to full body RSD with organ involvement. It was not until May 2005, that I

Read the rest