Considering the most recent celebrity to share that she lives with chronic pain – Lady Gaga, and how people jumped to conclusions as to what she is living with, I decided to point out here that to date, she has not said what her diagnosis(s) is besides chronic pain, if there is one that is more specific. She did say on an Instagram post dated May 31, 2015, “I still deal with bone inflammation from … Read the rest


Game Plan; Empowerment Plus

“You have a better game plan than the {others} – and that is the name of the game – to constantly dream of better ways and a better future for those we care about and for our society. We all need to work towards better models of care and better care. I call your game plan “Empowerment Plus”, for it focuses in on empowering the person in pain. The {others} is old wine in new … Read the rest