Barby’s Bucket List

In no particular order, my bucket list. It is a work in progress… last update 1/1/2016

  1. Attend a class at Billy Blanks studio in Sherman Oaks, CA. While he is teaching and try to participate.
  2. Dance 6-eight counts with Paula Abdul choreographed by both of us together
  3. Get my own car
  4. Get one my favorite groups (schroeder) to play at a celebration of mine or iPain
  5. Get iPain on the TV show like Apprentice as


I wrote this in 2004 after undergoing multiple life threatening surgeries/complications, searching for a diagnosis and proper healthcare after being struck down with what I now know is reflex sympathetic dystrophy. My first marriage collapsed, I was losing everything materialistic. I was on food stamps, and I was lost physically, mentally and spiritually. I sent this to my family members after my inner voice reminded me of why I am here and that my purpose