I wrote this in 2004 after undergoing multiple life threatening surgeries/complications, searching for a diagnosis and proper healthcare after being struck down with what I now know is reflex sympathetic dystrophy. My first marriage collapsed, I was losing everything materialistic. I was on food stamps, and I was lost physically, mentally and spiritually. I sent this to my family members after my inner voice reminded me of why I am here and that my purpose Read the rest


Cheerleader Barby!

I was on top of the world in 2002. I had my dream job, husband, and new home; and in 8 seconds my life changed forever. I was rear-ended by a 15-passenger van. This incident lead to a brachia plexus nerve injury (whiplash) that triggered a neuro-autoimmune condition to begin to attack my body. Within 14 months, I had lost my job, house, marriage, figure (gained 40lbs), and was forced to go onto state assistance … Read the rest