How To Write A Pain Journal Entry

Undoubtedly, there has been progress made in recent years by healthcare professionals and patients towards understanding and properly managing pain. Unfortunately, pain still poses a problem for patients who are under-diagnosed, over-diagnosed or misdiagnosed. Controlling the pain you are in is essential to quality of life. Knowing the characteristics of pain and why it is happening give you an advantage in dealing and controlling aspects of pain. Taking control of your life and being responsible … Read the rest



There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is a lot of misinformation out in the pain community. I hear it in phone calls, emails, and see it on social media posts. Last week I was speaking to a woman who helped start a new fb group. She wanted me and International Pain Foundation to help support their upcoming survey after telling me it was just like the one the iPain and Pain … Read the rest


New Study for People with Severe to Very Severe COPD

This research study is testing whether a new investigational drug that targets eosinophils (a type of white blood cell) could help patients withCOPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) control symptoms and reduce exacerbations (flare-ups) that lead to hospitalizations. The new investigational drug will be compared to oral and inhaled corticosteroids, the current standard of care for COPD.

More about the study:

  • The study drug (Benralizumab) is administered by Subcutaneous (under the skin) injection (SC).
  • There
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Be your own best advocate now to be a stronger healthier person in the future!

When you have a flare or emergency situation, you have to be willing to stand up for yourself.

Case in point 1. I went to a local hospital because I was having severe pain from two kidney stones trying to pass at the same time. I got to the hospital and they brought me back to a er room really quickly. The doctor came in and ordered a urine test and an iv of fluids … Read the rest


How can women become their own best advocate?

Women can be their own best advocate by taking steps to lead your life. Don’t rely on others to make your decisions, do your research, or keep you organized. Start by speaking up and coordinating with the people in your life. Setting the expectation is so important and although best done at the beginning of a challenge, it is possible to be successful doing this later in the process. To become the Chief of Staff … Read the rest