Through Motivation For a Cure

Barby is Turning Pain to POWER!

Some of the topics  Barby has covered in past media presentations.

  • Chronic Pain Issues, Patient Self-Advocacy and Rights
  • Dealing With The Daily Living With Pain As A Patient and Caretaker
  • Empowering the Patient
  • Media Awareness Of Access To Care Issues; Step Therapy, Prior Authorizations, Specialty Tier, Abuse Deterrent Medications, and Opioid Induced Constipation, Peer To Peer Mentoring, Community Resources
  • Medical Bills, The Leading Cause Of Bankruptcy
  • Navigating The Minefield Of The Healthcare System
  • Overcoming Bullying Of Pain Patients and Their Family Members
  • Pain Education Events, Women’s Conferences, Healthcare Provider Conferences
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD Aka CRPS) and Other Chronic Pain Diseases
  • Saving Your Energy Pennies (tips and tools for better daily living)
  • Working On Legislation In Multiple States For Improved Research and Education Of RSD and Other Chronic Pain Diseases To Improve The Practices In The Care and Treatment Of The Patients With These Conditions

Types of media Barby has been interviewed for

  • Celebrity appearances
  • Edited news programs
  • In-studio interviews
  • Internet interviews
  • Live radio
  • Live TV
  • Magazine/Print
  • New Media Interviews
  • Newspaper interviews
  • Press conferences
  • Radio talk shows
  • Reality TV
  • Telephone interviews
  • Trade publication interviews
  • Training videos
  • TV talk shows

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Over the past 14+ years, Barby has been living with the unimaginable diagnosis of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. She was put through many challenges. Undergoing a battery of tests and being seen by over 100 different healthcare providers, undergoing seven unnecessary major surgeries and over 60 medical procedures requiring twilight sedation or stronger, Ms. Ingle learned to take a proactive approach to her medical care, an empowering step that helped in her health journey. But while the journey was far from perfect – she lost her lifetime profession, ending up on welfare for a time, upset at the lack of understanding from healthcare professionals and insurance companies – Ms. Ingle quickly learned there is a lot of good that comes from this type of challenging experience. She began sharing tips on how to lend helpful support to someone you know or even yourself as a patient who’s fighting a chronic pain condition or illness. Barby demonstrates how to enjoy life to the fullest, expressing appreciation to those who helped her along the way.