My perspective on Paula

My perspective on Paula
May 19, 2013 at 5:43pm
I know this won’t change some people’s minds, but I am not doing it for them, I am doing it for the people who can get help, motivation, inspiration, and HOPE from this interview. Paula Abdul has a cover story coming out in Pain Pathways SUMMER 2013 edition. It is the first time she speaks unedited about her RSD story. We need to support fellow RSD’ers.

This brings up some issues from her past interviews. One in particular that I wanted to addesss – Paula Abdul was on Dr. OZ talking about RSD: Here is the video of the show that aired.

It is interesting that 14:32 minutes of the 19:37 interview was on RSD specifically. That is 74% of the interview on RSD info and 11% on Fembody. That is really good for a show that uses advertising and product placement to push stories out. Is this the best interview… NO, but it sure is filled with some really great info when you break it down.

Segment 1 – Intro (3 minutes and 45 seconds on the intro)
.21 secs, There is no known cure (Paula in video package)
.28 secs, You can undo damage (Paula in video package)
1.20, Dr. OZ says RSD is rarely talked about in the public
3:45: Paula takes the stage and talks about RSD (10 mins and 8 seconds)
4:27, I want to do the right thing, I thought I was being brave not telling people I was dealing with a debilitating nerve disease, you see it was not the right thing to do, I should of spoke out. Being really brave would have been being able to discuss it.
5:11: She describes her pain, constant, burning, fire, and needles are some of the words she uses. She describes the dystonia with her fingers locking….
5:48: Dr. OZ states RSD is NOT rare
7:20: The questions that I have, Why am I not getting better, I am having surgery after surgery, but the nerve pain never went away. (Obvious edit!)
9:14: I started getting on the internet and I no longer was alone.
9:27: It doesn’t matter what pillow I have, I learned that ice was my friend. (Obvious edit!) (The editor/producer doesn’t leave in when she did this, or that she does NOT use ice now… she says it “WAS my friend” and it made HER feel better…) Personal note: My physically therapy people had me use it too. I used it for 3 years before I knew it was bad. (This section, as was a lot of the interview, was edited by producers… so it took out of context what she was saying… but she also said, for ME… and only spoke of her personal experience, not everyone’s with RSD)
9:58: I am way smarter than that it is not that simple… it is a 360 process (meaning she took a multi-disciplinary approach to her treatment including changing her diet and taking supplements, and doing things to reduce her inflammation)
10:58: Sugar is my weakness, I am a candy girl, but I try to do everything in moderation
11:59: Stress is a big part of RSD
13:02: For me to feel the best I have ever felt, for real and not masking it, my life is a perpetual rainbow compared to where it was even 6 years ago and a decade before that. I look at life as, I just begun, I am the healthiest I have ever been, and I am here to say that, you can undo damage, by really taking care of your body
14:33 – Segment 3 Age Defying Secrets (2 minutes and 20 seconds on her supplements)
15:47: It keeps me filled up but also keeps inflammation down, which allows me to work and be more focused. (on her fruit smoothie)
16:22: Straight up supplements (named by Dr OZ) / Fembody, Dr. OZ does say, Paula is a paid spokesperson for this product.
18:06: Skin Advise, she says her skin has remarkably changed because of the beauty activator.
18:44: I am going to fight the age thing as best as I can
19:00: How she will do a private lunch with a lucky viewer.

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