I wanted to come up with a list of living positive. I constantly have to self motivate and as a cheerleader of HOPE, I do this through uplifting actions and thoughts.

  1. Choose happiness. – I chose to look at the goodness around me. I acknowledge negative when needed, but live in the happy times and finding the good in each challenge.
  2. Create goals and more towards accomplishing them. – I keep a bucket list and also a list on my white board of my goals and tasks at hand so I can keep constant reminder and when I have time and energy pennies can work towards getting them accomplished.
  3. Get involved in projects that you can be interested in and successfully complete. – I try to only take on projects that I am interested in and know that the outcome will be positive int he world.
  4. Keep yourself surrounded with happy people. – I like to keep happy people around, I also know that as a mentor that sometimes I have to help show people the reasons for happy.
  5. Look at the bright side of challenges. – Goes back to #1, I know life is not always easy, I am ready to conquer challenges, and know that its is possible, I just have to find a way.
  6. Motivate yourself. – I have always had an inner drive, I am most motivated by myself not pressures or guilt others try to put on me.
  7. Practice meditation and controlling your thoughts. – I practice mindful meditation daily and this helps feed the happy in me.
  8. Smile big and often. – I love my smile, its is my best asset physically, so I do smile in good and bad times. of course bigger when the times are good 😉
  9. Visualize success. – As a part of making plans and accomplishing my goals, I visualize success before I start any new project. It helps keep the belief in myself high.
  10. When anxiety and stresses are high, turn it over to God. – daily prayers and reminders of letting go of anxiety and stress are an important part of my life and action.


  1. Jodi Orvis-Dragon

    I just enjoyed reading your new post “Make Life More Positive And Uplifting For Yourself”. I am so thankful for you and for the International Pain Foundation. Thank you for sharing some tips to help us stay positive. It can be hard when we live with chronic pain. That is why I try to keep myself surrounded by positive and uplifting people. We appreciate all you do on a daily basis to help those living with chronic pain. You never ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. Thank you for being our Cheerleader of HOPE! i also turn to God and put my trust in him. I love your list of 10 positive things you do. Thank you Barby for being a wonderful friend, mentor, and role model. 🙂

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