Hey everyone, it works!!!

Hey everyone, it works!!!
December 15, 2009 at 7:55am
Hey everyone, it works!!
I am finally home. Actually, I got home on Sunday night. My burning pain is gone, I am having some other pain feels like the deep bone pain, but it is not constant and occurs more when I am overworking. I slept most of the time I was there; they wake you up to eat and try to have you conscious when the doctors come to visit throughout the day so they can do Neuro evaluations to see your progress. Each patient no matter your size, weight, or whatever is triturated up to the maximum dose and then held there for 5 days, so the process takes longer than 5 days. The first day they take you up to max dose over many hours, once there your 5 days starts. After the five solid days, you come back down over many hours and then have to be observed for many hours, before being released. But my results were great from the start (at least that is what I remember), Dr. Schwartzman was very excited to see the blanching gone, yes, gone, my skin is white… I need a tan. No sweating, No swelling and best of all, no burning. I did have a catheter in all week, except the first and last day. And now having some trouble with urinating and taking some meds for that. I got a call to set up my first set of boosters on Dec. 28th and 29th. It is a 2-day process, which I found out today. So, typically, my boosters will be 2 weeks after, then again in 2 and then again 4 weeks and finally 3 months and then depending on how I am doing we will do them as needed. Dr. S said NO PT, still. He put it like this, they are bad nerves still, he has gotten them to be good, but they are looking for any reason to be bad again. So, I have still be very careful still. That is one of the reasons why it is remission instead of a Cure. I am still very weak, and my legs are like Jell-O, but I am so glad to go through this then burning pain 24/7. I still need to raise some $$$. I got a medical loan since I was quite insufficient on raising funding and most of what I thought I secured, did not come through. I will have keep doing fundraisers for a while, but again, totally worth it. I will write more later! But, it is worth it and I suggest it be tried by all RSD’ers.

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