Game Plan; Empowerment Plus

“You have a better game plan than the {others} – and that is the name of the game – to constantly dream of better ways and a better future for those we care about and for our society. We all need to work towards better models of care and better care. I call your game plan “Empowerment Plus”, for it focuses in on empowering the person in pain. The {others} is old wine in new bottles- it is medical corporatism – with a kinder and gentler “bio-psycho-social” face. It isn’t energetic enough or focused enough on people to meet the needs of the pain community. As pain remains very much a mystery, and the prevalence of pain conditions like neuropathic pain and osteoarthritis are on the rise, we all need to strive to overcome the limitations of past ways of thinking about and addressing  the needs of people in pain. I know you are a game changer in the pain community and that is what is needed to advance pain care beyond its current great limitations. Until next time, David B.” 2/16/2015

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