Dental Tips When You Live With A Chronic Pain Disease

When you live with chronic illness and pain dental health becomes even more important. Here are a few of the tips I have learned over the past 20 years. 

  • Ask for “close your mouth breaks” if needed.
  • Brushing after vomiting can break down the enamel.
  • Have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year.
  • It is important for your dentist to know about CHRONIC PAIN.
  • Oral care starts at home.
  • Poor brushing can come from a loss of range of motion or just not feeling good enough to brush or brushing causing increased pain.
  • Use an electric toothbrush to achieve proper brushing. Brush lightly and at the gum edge (where the teeth and gums meet)
  • Your dentist needs to know that you are an CHRONIC PAIN patient, all medications you are taking, any allergies, and that your vulnerability to infections.

One thought on “Dental Tips When You Live With A Chronic Pain Disease

  1. Thank you for sharing dental tips for those of us living with chronic pain. I have had some issues over the years and the dentists I saw didn’t know how to help me. I love your tips and take them seriously. Luckily I finally found a great dentist who understands chronic pain. Now I have my teeth cleaned 4 times a year. They also put numbing cream on before they clean my teeth which helps with the sensitivity. I love your webpage. Thank you for caring and making a difference.

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