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Be your own best advocate now to be a stronger healthier person in the future!

When you have a flare or emergency situation, you have to be willing to stand up for yourself.

Case in point 1. I went to a local hospital because I was having severe pain from two kidney stones trying to pass at the same time. I got to the hospital and they brought me back to a er room really quickly. The doctor came in and ordered a urine test … Read the rest


2012 was a great year for me

2012 was a great year for me as a health advocate. I was featured nationally in Women’s Day Magazine, My first for Women Magazine, USA Today’s Chronic Pain Supplemental this past September, Dr. Drew’s Life Changers show, and the Newlywed Game Show. I was also given the honor of being the recipient of the Neuropathy Action Foundation’s 2012 “You Are Our Hero” Award, and participated through the Power of Pain Foundation as a volunteer in … Read the rest


Barby Update Oct. 2012

Going through some acute issues right now. Saw surgeon on Thurs. they have an anesthesiologist that will do the Ketamine Protocol, but he wanted me to do one more test before we do the surgery, as he said “with RSD less trauma is more”, which I like, he seems to be very nice and understand RSD pretty well. He also didn’t trust the hospital doctor from last weekend. So was going to get the test … Read the rest


Smiling Can Help You Be Happier!

Research has shown that when you smile, your brain assumes you must be happy1.

A good way to start the day, prepare for a doctors visit, or a social event (especially if you tend towards depression) is to make it a habit to practice everyday for a few minutes, eventually, it will become more natural and more of a reflex action to help release stress.

Practice the following simple meditation (might help to close your … Read the rest


My improvements from infusion therapy

People have been asking a lot lately about my improvements from infusion therapy. Here is a brief overview of what it has and hasn’t done for me.

It has significantly helped with:

Constant burning pain

Abnormal hair growth/loss


Concentration/ memory

Fever/ Low grade temperature


Hearing disturbances




Optical migraines

Skin cold/hot


Stiffness/ Range of Motion



TMJ/face pain



Slight Improvement seen in:





Muscle … Read the rest


The summer!

It has been a great summer so far. Pretty relaxing. I got to go on my first vacation in 10 years. It was amazing. Now I am getting geared up for the fall. Sept. is Pain Awareness Month and we have a lot of events going on. As well my newest book The Pain Code; Walking Through the Minefield of the Health system will be released in print on September 1, 2012. I will post … Read the rest


Classy Awards: Vote for POPF by July 26, 2012

Please don’t forget to vote for POPF if you haven’t already! Power of Pain Foundation has been selected out of 2,400 Nominees as a Top 5 Regional Finalist in Most Effective Awareness Campaign by a Charity for the 4th Annual CLASSY Awards! Help us move on to the next round by casting your vote before July 26: The Power of Pain Foundation is listed in the SOUTH region in the Most Effective Awareness Campaign … Read the rest


How can women become their own best advocate?

Women can be their own best advocate by taking steps to lead your life. Don’t rely on others to make your decisions, do your research, or keep you organized. Start by speaking up and coordinating with the people in your life. Setting the expectation is so important and although best done at the beginning of a challenge, it is possible to be successful doing this later in the process. To become the Chief of Staff … Read the rest


Cheerleader Barby!

I was on top of the world in 2002. I had my dream job, husband, and new home; and in 8 seconds my life changed forever. I was rear-ended by a 15-passenger van. This incident lead to a brachia plexus nerve injury (whiplash) that triggered a neuro-autoimmune condition to begin to attack my body. Within 14 months, I had lost my job, house, marriage, figure (gained 40lbs), and was forced to go onto state assistance … Read the rest


The Pain Code

The Pain Code; Walking Through the Minefield of the Health System
When it comes to living, the best life you can when faced with a chronic care condition every person has choices. It is a matter of finding the right fit for you. The patient can either let the disease run them or sort through the system and take control of the disease. Coping with a chronic condition takes hope and self-awareness. Through the author’s … Read the rest