5 fun facts about Barby *\O/*

5 fun facts about Barby *\O/*
August 17, 2013 at 12:25pm
My favorite thing to eat?
Candy and Carbs. Yes, I am a carboholic!

My favorite thing to do?
Anything media related

What do I do in my spare time?
hum… sleep, rest, sleep, watch ken play assassins creed, and watch movies and documentaries.

My biggest pet Peeve?
Being called Barb or Barbara, neither of which are my name. I think people think Barby is like a young nickname, so they call me Barbara, which is not my name, or they get tired of saying two syllables, and shorten me to barb. I have many friends who are barb and Barbara, nothing wrong with those names, it’s just not my name. 🙂

What do I love most about myself?
Being 5 ft tall, having a brown spot in my blue eyes, having a tiny foot (size 3 in kids or 4/5 in adult), and I am not afraid to fail, which helps me achieve so much in life.

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