Daily Archives: June 3, 2017

Humans Experience Pain. June 3, 2017 - Barby Ingle

Those who do not physically can still undergo mental pain. But why? For me, believing that we come from the Body of Christ and that final glory will be in all, the daily chronic pain and emotional pain I go through becomes more bearable for me. I know not everyone feels the way that I do or believes and I am OK with that, but having the believe in God for myself helps me cope through life on earth. When people are affected by chronic pain diseases they can make a chose to move closer to God or shut God out. My spirituality offers me an escape from pain even if only in moments. When I am at my worst I turn to prayer, in conjunction with traditional treatment options. Pain affects me creatively and can cause chaos when not put into proper perspective to life. Pain is part of my reality, humanity and responsibility. If I let it get me dark thinking my pain increases, so I work to remain positive with life, who I have in my life, and how I approach daily living. I dont have to contemplate why I am alive. I am because I am here to be a cheerleader of HOPE for others and make a difference in my life and others. I know I am not going to touch everyone, but for those I am able to help, that is my purpose. For me, to stop LIVING would be the worst thing I could do to get through the pain. For me, LIVING life to the fullest each moment I can, good and bad, is what I strive to do to honor God and myself. I will help those I am able to and I know that is good enough. I will make it to fulfill my purpose here on earth to the best of my abilities. - Blessings and Cheers to all of you! xo Barby